Le Jeu des Soldats (The Soldier Game)

Antoine, a boy living in Northern France at the outbreak of World War II, takes on the challenge of defending the family home after his father is drafted and sent to the Maginot Line.

Lorne Hiltser
Festival History


Next Reel International Film Festival 2012, TischAsia, Singapore

Oakland International Film Festival 2011, California, USA

Los Angeles International Shorts Festival 2011, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Rhode Island International Film Festival 2011, Providence, RI, USA

Hollyshorts 2011, Los Angeles, CA USA

TriMedia Film Festival, Fort Collins, CO, USA

Edmonton International Film Festival 2011, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival 2011, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


2012 Leo Award Winner for Best Cinematography, Best Overall Sound and Best Sound Design

BAFTA/Los Angeles Student Film Awards: 2011 Gold Winner
2011 Student Academy Awards: National Finalist

Angelus Student Film Festival 2011: Semi-Finalist